Work for Stay

Our Work for Stay Program is ideal for people interested in experiencing and observing the spiritually advanced Sufi lifestyle - one of dedicated service and devotion to others.


Sufi's are those persons reaching for their true heavenly self through meditative exercises and prayer. As our hearts become more pure the senses of the heart begin to open and we begin to see, smell, taste, and touch with the heart - knowing and experiencing the truth for the first time. As eluded to in the movie called the Matrix, we are stuck in the confines of this material world until such time we can break free of our lower self - our physical being.

Work for Stay opportunities change according to seasonal needs but we can always utilize people who are willing to learn and work hard in exchange for a roof and some tasty food.  

Current opportunities include;

Organic Raised Bed Permaculture Gardner - We currently have six long raised beds in need of much work. They were just built and need cultivating from the ground up. A green thumb and some gardening experience is best but not necessary. Willing to teach the right person a new skill. Could develop into taking care of a green house operation. We hope to develop a full farm to table operation for the Lodge.

Lodge Keeper - This is a do all position in the lodge that could develop into a full time paid position for the right person. Work for Stay for now but later a paid salary is very possible with a furnished apartment (one bedroom) on the property. Front desk management, gift store operations, food service, cooking, light maintenance and cleaning - basically helping the Directors with all Lodge operations.  This may initially be two persons in a shared bedroom situation. Great for someone interested in learning all aspects of running a Lodge or B&B.

Contact us for more details.