Retreats at Sufi Lodge - Living Sufism



Besmillah ir rahman nir raheem,

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, 

During our off months at Sufi Lodge, from July to November, we open up the Lodge and function more like a real Dargah than an AT Hiker Lodge which occurs from the beginning of March to the end of June. We still have section hikers and other lodge guests throughout the year, which you may encounter when you come, but our focus is on spiritual advancement and catering to aspirants along the path towards our true heavenly selves. 

Sufi Aspirants who wish to experience Dargah community and life and enjoy a time away where you can turn your attention to reaching your true heavenly self are welcome to come anytime during our off season. You may also come during the busy hiker season but must reserve a room at the normal seasonal hiker rates. 

During our off season we allow Sufi Aspirants to enjoy the Dargah on a donation only basis. Call ahead to arrange a date and time to come visit. Donations should be sent to our PayPal account Rooms and accommodations will be assigned upon your arrival.  Should you wish to guarantee yourself a certain room or level of accommodation you may book a room on-line. 

The general schedule at the lodge is as follows. Participation is optional. 

Morning program and prayer (before sunrise)
Work around the lodge, yard and garden. (after sunrise) 
Breakfast around 10 AM
Noon gathering for prayer and sohbet, 2 PM 
Optional section hiking or horseback riding.

Afternoon prayer around 5:30 PM

Dinner, preparation 6 PM, served at 7 PM

Sunset prayer and gathering.
Evening prayer and thikr about 2 hours after sunset. 

The weekly Khatam Kwajagan is held each Thursday following sunset. 

Give us a call (276)  677-0195 or email us if you have any further questions. 

Our Lodge can also be made available for gatherings, seminars and workshops. If interested speak with Umar or Fatimah.

Allah bless you all and forgive us.