Whirling   Festival   2017

Whirling Festival EID 2017

WHERE:  Sufi Lodge

                67 High Country Lane
                Troutdale, Virginia 24378

WHEN:   September 1st thru 3rd, 2017

COST:     Donation Only

Everything in Creation Whirls, it is the natural motion of all things living and inanimate. The universes down to the cellular structure of all things in creation, whirling is the common thread. Whirling helps you to leave off the cognitive senses and achieve perfection with your true heart senses. No matter if you are experienced at whirling or not, come join this celebration of Divine Love and Peace and come expecting something wonderful and unique.

"When you begin to plan, you begin to fail".

This is a synergistic natural open event that will unfold according to the intent and energy people provide it. We ask people to come, come whoever you are and bring your individual blessings and high spirits, your pure love for all of humanity along with whatever you are inspired to contribute - come with an open heart and love for sharing. Everything is appreciated, potluck foods, music, crafts, stories, poetry, gifts or a unique talent. Come all you Native Americans, come all you Buddhists, come all you Shamans, come all you Jews, Christians and Muslims. Bring your tribes unique qualities and experiences and share them with others in a celebration of unity and Divine Love.

After each major offering we will pass the hat and ask people to contribute generously. Seventy percent will go to the person or persons providing the offering and thirty percent to Sufi Lodge. If you bring arts and crafts you may set up at the tail gate parking lot and sell directly from your spot. Please contact us to reserve your spot, first come first serve.

Those wishing to book a room for this event may do so here. Camping, RV's and other accommodations are available.



There are a number of activities you might be interested in while visiting the Whirling Festival or staying at Sufi Lodge. Contact Us and we will send you details about each activity listed below.

  • Cupping Therapy

  • Massage Therapy

  • Dry Carbon Sauna

  • Create Your Own Natural Perfume

  • Horseback Riding

  • Section Hiking - Appalachia Trail

  • Camping


Open  Kebab  Pit

We are building an open kebab pit to feed those coming to the Whirling Festival - a celebration that falls on the EID days of celebration where it is traditional in the spirit of Prophet Abraham to offer a sheep for charity to the people to help expunge any sins and bad deeds. If you would like to take part in this blessed charity offering please pay for a sheep in advance and we will have it waiting on the property when you arrive. You can also contribute a sheep for the event and not attend. We will dedicate that offering to you and handle all the arrangements. Our method of processing a sheep is in strict accordance to the most humane treatment of the animal.

Sufi Lodge does not charge a fee for this service or receives any monetary reward. You may contribute a part or a whole sheep. It is our policy not to solicit funds. This is simply a service to help feed people. 

EID Celebration 2017 Kebab - Sheep