What is Halal?

Most Muslims professing an understanding of Halal are only understanding the rudimentary aspects of halal and fail to comprehend the more important elements that constitute true halal food. Here we will focus on the more important elements rarely discussed. If interested in a legalistic approach simply Google keyword "Halal for more information. 

"Eat of the good things from the Earth" is what the Creator orders in the Holy book known as the Qur'an. Everything that is halal begins with a dedication to God Almighty, effectively placing healing intention and good energy upon whatever you intend to consume. Thus each time a vegetable seed is placed into the soil the phrase In the Name of God Most Gracious Most Merciful is recited. Each time it is watered and each time it is picked again with the same dedication.

Each food item is a gift and blessing from God and giving thanks and dedicating it to God begins the process of halal. In raising food we must always consider both the quality of care we use in growing or raising food. All foods have a nature and a medicinal quality as well as important nutrition which when treated with full respect actually enhances those properties and benefits. 

Foods that are raised with unnatural chemicals or pesticides will always cause harm to the body. When we fight nature nature fights back. Therefore all Halal food is organic. 

Foods such as animal meat also must be raised under the very best conditions and circumstances being ever so careful to treat the animals with complete dignity and respect and allowing them ample time to enjoy their lives before slaughtering them for food. Any fear or anger from the animal is transferred into the meat and destroys the halal nature of the food.

If you wish to experience a halal meal be sure to let Suzanne (Fatimah) know well in advance of your scheduled arrival.