AT SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA SHUTTLE SERVICE, Damascus, Elk Garden, Massey Gap, Fox Creek, Dickey Gap, Partnership Shelter, Atkins and more. 

Video secure parking is available at Sufi Lodge for $3.00 per day on weekdays and $5.00 per day on weekends and holidays. 

We shuttle our guests for FREE when a driver is available to and from: 

Dickey Gap (map below) at the juncture of Sugar Grove Highway (VA 16). It  is the  closest intersection on the Appalachian Trail to Sufi Lodge. It is  a ten (10) minute drive and a three (3.1) mile walk. Call from Hurricane Shelter when heading Northbound. There is no cell service after this point. If reaching Dickey Gap walk up VA 16 towards Troutdale (right) and you should get cell service at the top of that hill. WE WILL NOT WAIT AFTER THE ARRANGED PICK UP TIME, so please be on time. 

Fox Creek south of Dickey GAP is the next closest trail head and is about six (6.3) miles to Sufi Lodge. We charge $6.25 to pick-up and drop off. This includes a $6.75 credit for three free miles. 

Call us as you near Fox Creek or Dickey Gap and we will be patiently waiting your arrival.  Fifteen (15) minutes is given as a grace period on paid shuttles after which time we charge five ($5) per additional fifteen (15) minutes of wait time or portion thereof. 

The regularly scheduled return shuttle leaves between 8 AM and 8:30 AM. Any other shuttles will be charged at the regular rate unless arranged in advance. 

Phone services is limited -- Hikers may want to make advance arrangements. Land line: (276) 677-0195. Cell Phone: (276) 781-6345. Be certain to be on time. Once again, drivers will typically wait fifteen minutes before charging $5.00 per fifteen minutes or portion thereof of wait time. Better to make certain you arrive early than to come and not have a shuttle waiting. It is only a three mile walk but why waste the energy. Once again if you do miss us you can take a right out of Dickey Gap on VA 16 towards Troutdale and call when you reach the top of the mountain about 500 yards up VA 16. 

Notify us about 5 miles away from Dickey Gap at Hurricane Shelter NOBO. Hikers have reported cell phone service in this area. Any high spot might work.

If walking, it is a very good idea to set your GPS directions before leaving Damascus so it is programmed into your cell phone before you hit the no service zones all along this section.

We are now on the GutHook App as well.

Land: (276) 677-0195
Cell: (276) 781-6345

Other shuttle location are charged at a rate of $2.25 per mile and $5.00 per fifteen minutes of down time with a grace period of fifteen minutes. Guests of Sufi Lodge receive priority service. Non Guests are charged a rate of $2.50 per mile. 

For shuttle prices on other Trail Heads or information about Slack Packing  CLICK HERE