Hiker Restock

We have a growing inventory of popular hiker restock items and supplies that are reasonably priced.

In addition to many of the familiar restock items we carry many organic products as well.

Tasty Bite Meals are very popular meals with a wide selection of rice dishes, Vindaloo, Curries, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and other delicious selections. 

For those on a budget you can purchase various items for lunch and dinner and prepare them in our microwave oven. 

In addition to restock foods we offer  hiker supply restock with fuel canisters and the like. You will also find essential first-aid, body care, toiletries, toilet paper and more. 

The special brand AThyker line of products is available in our store. These products are specifically designed and packaged with the AT hiker community in mind. 

Those with a sweet tooth will find a variety of candies and ice cream products. We also have a fridge stocked full of many favorite sodas and juice drinks. 


Hiker Gifts and Supplies