The Green Mountain Branch of the
Shadhdhuli School @ Sufi Lodge

There is no requirement for one believer to greet another believer with the salutation of "Peace Be Upon You". Once greeted however it becomes a requirement for the believer being greeted to return that salutation of "Peace Be Upon You" with an equal or better greeting. This wisdom illustrates the importance for believers to unite in purpose and meet or surpass the well wishes and extended a hand of unity and friendship with one that is equal or better. As true believers we are thus encouraged to unite and love for our neighbors what we love for ourselves.

In this spirit we greet our fellow believers at The Green Mountain Branch of the Shadhdhuli School with a sincere greeting of "Peace Upon Them All" and extend our open invitation to visit the American Sufi Community in an effort to unite all Believers and to galvanize the Peace that can descend upon us all when we truly want for our neighbor what we want for ourselves.

To this end The American Sufi Community and the Sufi Lodge would request all lovers of Prophet Muhammad to come for free for three days and make arrangements to meet and exchange salaams with another Sufi organization. God willing, The American Sufi Community will become a neutral place where all believers on the path can unite and become true neighbors, true friends and real family.

We ask Allah to bless you all and forgive us.


Sh Umar and Fatima (James and Suzanne)