Dances of Universal Peace Retreat

Coming Together - The Joy of Spirit in Motion

WHERESufi Lodge 67 High Country Lane, Troutdale, Virginia


WHENFriday September 8th to Sunday September 10th

Join Amina and Arif for a weekend of dancing and chanting; 
breathing into our beingness, moving a step closer to the
“more beautiful world that we all know in our hearts
is possible”.


There will be five ( 5) sessions throughout the weekend for dancing,

chanting, singing, drumming and zikr.












Choice One:  A comfortable bed in a semi-private  shared room  inside Sufi Lodge. Beds will be assigned at the time of check-in according to each persons needs.


Choice Two:  A space on the floor within Sufi Lodge or a bunk at the Hostel a short walk (0.5 miles) away from Sufi Lodge

Choice Three:
  A campsite near Sufi Lodge or on the grounds or pavilion at the Hostel a short walk (0.5 miles) away from Sufi Lodge.

Cupping Therapy, Massage, Sauna, Horseback Riding and Section Hiking,
While at the Dances of Universal Peace you may want to take advantage of some of Sufi Lodges Wellness Services or schedule a horseback riding or section hike outing.  As to not interrupt the retreat it might be best to schedule an extra day or two at Sufi Lodge. Here are some options below:

Dances of Universal Peace
Dances of Universal Peace

The Sufi Lodge is a beautiful imitate space as a gathering place for Spiritual Aspirants, as a popular B&B for Appalachian Trail Hikers, Trans AM Bicyclists, and as a Cupping Therapy & Wellness Center.

It is operated by our lovely friends James and Suzanne. They will be handling the registration, lodging and helping with the food for this event.

In the spirit of the gifting economy – there is no program fee instead we will have a basket for donations. Your generous contributions will help make next years event even more special. 

The fee for accommodations and food over the three day retreat range from $111 to $177 depending on your lodging choice.

Dances of Universal Peace

Cupping Therapy Session

Sufi Lodge offers some of the leading experts in the field of Cupping Therapy. Cupping cleans the cardiovascular system from dead blood cells and toxins allowing the body to freely breath and thus heal itself. Cupping is one of the most beneficial therapies to maintain good health when done properly and at the right times (lunar cycle). There are two optimal days for Cupping Therapy. One during the actual retreat on Sunday the 10th and then Tuesday the 10th of September.

Massage Therapy

Schedule your Massage Therapy Session before the Event to be certain you have the desired time available for a Massage Session.  You may Schedule a Massage Room with or without a Therapist. Session are schedule for forty-five minutes on the hour with fifteen minute intervals in between sessions for cleaning the rooms. Rent the room with your partner and Massage each other or schedule a massage therapist.

With Therapist                                                     Without Therapis

Two Person Dry Carbon Sauna
Our two person Dry Carbon Sauna is available during the entire retreat in twenty minute intervals on the hour and half hour times. Please reserve your spot in advance. Scheduling priority will be given in the order people sign up.

Horseback Riding Excursion

Enjoy a half day ride to the Grayson Highlands where you will encounter the wild ponies and long horn steer in the beautiful mountain trails - an experience you will never forget. Retreat participants will need to schedule another day or two at Sufi Lodge if they wish to experience this excursion.  Group rides will be available the day prior to the actual event and the day following. 

Appalachian Trail Section Hike  (Fox Creek to Dickey Gap) 8.5 miles

Experience the world famous Appalachian Trail in one of the most beautiful sections between Fox Creek and Dickey Gap. Price includes transportation, lunch and a guide.