Sufi Healing Philosophy:

All Healing comes from the Creator and those who are most pure of heart are better conduits for the Creators healing. 

Sufi Massage, Massage Cupping & Reike 


Susan (Fatimah) is authorized by her Sufi teacher to perform Massage, Cupping and Reike therapy. She has a spiritually intuitive ability to find the health problem and work it out while promoting beneficial healing energy. 

Negative or artificial energy medicine fights nature and comes with many spiritual and physical side effects. Most artificial pharmaceuticals fall into this category. Natural methods are always better when applied properly. Here at Sufi Lodge we apply many natural holistic remedies for all sorts of ailments and conditions. 


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Fire Cupping Therapy 


James (Umar) is one of the leading cupping experts in the world with authorization from his Sufi teacher he performs cupping therapy on a very limited number of optimal lunar days. Many other practitioners are turning cupping into a business and are advocating cupping on days it should not be performed. Appointments should be made well in advance to correspond with these optimal lunar days. 

Cupping cleans the cardio vascular system allowing for optimal oxygenation and enhanced healing processes. When the body is properly oxygenated it simply heals itself making cupping an excellent treatment for most ailments and conditions. 


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Healing Remedies, Treatments and Tinctures


Over the years James (Umar) and Suzanne (Fatimah) have acquired knowledge from their Sufi teacher in the field of natural medicine which they have used to help many people suffering from everything from a common cold to more complex ailments that elude the modern medical field. While Suzanne has her RN degree neither James nor Suzanne are claiming medical knowledge and are only offering services consistent with their Sufi training.

Many ailments often arise from spiritual problems as well as physical and mental conditions. Their expertise allows them to address all three categories.

Suzanne (Fatimah) has developed an amazing line of pure natural products that are available on the Lady Fatmah website. 


Call for an appointment  (276) 677-0195



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This course is being offered in order to try and curtail the many abuses and misrepresentations being perpetratedby unqualified practitioners and teachers.

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