The Sufi Kitchen - Optional Halal Menu Items

While living overseas Suzanne (Fatimah) and James (Umar) developed a taste and talent for cooking Mediterranean Cuisine.   What is Halal


When available we do our best to provide all natural and mostly organic foods, much of which we attempt to produce in our own Rumi's Garden. With advanced reservations and upon request we will use halal meat products which are the highest quality meats available. Halal is catching on quickly as the meat of choice. In addition to being organic the animals are treated with the utmost respect and kindness. Any fear in an animal is then consumed when eating the meat. 

We are also happy to try and meet all your requirements for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, Kato etc. It is always best to make advance reservations. We do not offer a standard menu as we cook according to the best products available during any particular season. All meals are created from scratch.  Special request meals may cost an additional fee. 

A Hot breakfast is included in your room cost and unless otherwise arranged is served each morning at 7:30 AM. . 

Sufi Lodge has quickly become a place for Thru Hikers to celebrate their 500 mile accomplishment and indulge in some great foods.

Section Hikers are discovering that their weekend excursions do not have to be all rugged climbs, camping and long hikes they can also enjoy a bit of luxury and quality R&R as well. 

Guests are highly encouraged to reserve their room and make dinner reservations. in advance When reserving your room you will be offered a list of options or extras to choose from. Just select a standard dinner option or the vegan, veg. or halal options. We also offer a small menu of other items and we also offer packaged meals and soups in the Hiker Shop for those on a budget. 

Much of the time we will poll hikers or other guests and create a delicious family meal that often includes soup and salad with a hearty home made meal. 


Required Post: As a B&B our kitchen operates under a Health Department B&B exemption and is not a licensed commercial kitchen. That said we are clean freaks and have worked in many restaurants making us very familiar with clean healthy food service standards.