Reservation Policy


Check-In Time 02:00 PM    |      Check-Out Time 11:00 AM


All of our rooms are private and offered on a per person first come first serve basis and are inclusive with a clean shower, shampoo, towel and soap. A standard hot breakfast is included in the price of the room. We also offer items from our menu as well.

We are now permitted to serve both lunch and dinner at an extra charge which can be paid or reserved upon making your reservation. We offer both a Hiker and Halal Menu for our guests. Please be advised that if you indicate you are going to join us for a meal other than breakfast that you keep your reservation. We are a small B&B and need much lead time in preparing meals often shopping and preparing food the day before. 

Cancelation Policy


We are a small seasonal business and must do our best to keep rooms full, which means that we suffer tremendously when guests have booked rooms and block others from making reservations.

During special events, retreats, wellness center events, cupping sessions and during our peak AT hiking season (February 30th to July 30th) we require a five day (5) cancelation notice, no exceptions. Guests who cancel within the five day period prior to their reservation date will forfeit their entire room rate.  As a small remote provider we can not afford last minute cancellations during our peak season. Thank you for your understanding. 

Any problems regarding room cleanliness or level of service should be reported immediately to either Suzanne or James so they may address the problems as quickly as possible. If it is not possible to resolve the issue quickly we may offer a partial refund. 

During other times of the year we will retain fifty percent (50%) of the reserved room rate if canceled within five (5) days of your reservation date. Cancellations require changing multiple calendars. 

Cancellations made prior to the five day cancelation deadline will receive a full refund.