Sufi Lodge is a very unique place to stay. A place mostly catering to a spiritually open minded clientele who are looking for an experience which is a bit different from your average lodge or hostel stay. To really experience a Dargah experience like Sufi Lodge we ask all guests to book a minimum of a 2 night stay. If you really need to only stay one night our Ottoman (Blue) Room with a private bathroom and shower and The Burtaqal (Orange) Room is available on a nightly basis. All other rooms or beds require a two night stay. 

Each Guest receives a Free Hot Breakfast, Family Style Dinner, Open Coffee and Tea Service, Shuttle Service* to and from the Dickey Gap Trail Head, Epsom Salt Foot Bath, Fresh Linens & Towel, Free Laundry Service (Outdoor Washer and Hang Dry), Shampoo & Soap, Free  WIFI, Free Parking, Free Mail Drop. 

Please be advised we are only accepting advance reservations and no longer accepting walk-ins. 

We are a spiritually clean place and offer great hospitality and service. To reach to heavenly stations you must be clean. We ask that you respect our quiet, sanctuary meditative environment that we work so hard to create. If there are any questions about what that means, feel free to ask. 


By clicking on the Book Now button you are agreeing to the terms / conditions  and posted cancelation policy. 


Work for Stay

Our Work for Stay Program is ideal for people interested in experiencing and observing the spiritually advanced Sufi lifestyle - one of dedicated service and devotion to others. Sufi's are those persons reaching for their true heavenly self through meditative exercises and prayer. As our hearts become more pure the senses of the heart begin to open and we begin to see, smell, taste, and touch with the heart - knowing and experiencing the truth for the first time. As eluded to in the movie called the Matrix, we are stuck in the confines of this material world until such time we can break free of our lower self - our physical being.

Work for Stay opportunities change according to seasonal needs but we can always utilize people who are willing to learn and work hard in exchange for a roof and some tasy food. 

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The free shuttle service is offered on an on available basis to hikers who have stayed at Sufi Lodge and need a ride back to the nearest trail head to Sufi Lodge which is Dickey Gap. One shuttle is provided each morning at approximately 8:15 AM. All other shuttles will be charged at the normal shuttle rate.