Labor of LoVe is how most hostel owners and outfitters describe their AT businesses, as many owners are pressed to earn enough money to get their basic insurance, taxes and maintenance bills paid each year, let alone turn a profit. 

We are not here to tell you we are going to make you rich, but our AT HYKER wholesale product program can help you have a little more left over each year to perhaps even go on a much deserved vacation yourself. 


Here is How it Works

Our custom branded line of AT Hyker wellness and skin care products are especially designed for the serious hiker community. All products are designed with hiker weight restrictions and the need for top quality products that really are worth packing out on the trail. 

Each product has a generic label which describes the product and room on each label for each hostel, outfitter or other business to place their AT Hiker Stamp on the product itself. This means that not only are you earning extra income from the sale of AT HYKER high quality products, the products are helping to sell your business with a constant reminder where the products were purchased. For a small added fee will can also design a custom label for your business. 

As most products are in small light weight containers, the opportunity for repeat sales is almost inevitable. Either hikers can buy from other participating wholesalers along the trail or they can have you mail drop more product to them at their next desitination. 

We know this will help other hostels and hiker businesses because my wife Suzanne and I have been running our own hostel for four years and have spent that time perfecting these products and trying them out on our own hiker guests. So you see all our products are already hiker tested and approved. It is so nice having beat up hikers arrive one day and leave the next feeling revived and ready to hot the trail. We had so many people come in with NORO VIRUS, get treated and leave feeling much better. 

So take a look at some of the products and supplements we offer through the AT HYKER Wholesale Product Program and if you believe it is something that would help you earn a little extra for your hostel or hiker business, simply fill out the on-line application and once approved we will send you more details about how to get started. 

Contact Us for more information about offering ATHYKER products at your Hostel. 

Thanks and have  agreat hiker season.